Photo Contest

The Internet-Breaking Cats Contest

Dear Cat Slaves and Admirers,

In the age of smartphones and digital cameras, we know that many of you have snuck many-a photos of our beautiful selves in your lives. We command you to share them with the world. As if that’s not enough, the best one wins this photo contest too!

Here are a few extremely cool cats to get you inspired…

1. Is this drink as cool as I am?


2. Half of me is twice as cool as you are. How cool am I?


3. Spot the kitty. It is hard to miss such unbridled awesomeness.

4. I make cat moustaches look cool.

5. Show of hands, who is cooler than the Arctic?

6. I have two eyes of two different colours. THAT’S how cool I am.

7. I can make this face and still be swag.

8. You need to do yoga to be cool, I just need to be…

9. I tolerate you.

10. I’m very serious about my coolness.



To enter this contest follow these three simple steps -

  1. Upload a killer picture of your cool cat.
  2. Share a little something-something about your pet. Two lines in praise and poetry perhaps?
  3. Wait for an approval email from us (we need to filter spam..:(..)
  4. Finally, get your friends on FB to Like it. Like A LOT.

Winner: The entry with maximum FB Likes on Gingertail will get a gift voucher worth Rs. 1000/- for their efforts. Cool cash for their cool cat! And a runner-up will get a gift voucher worth Rs 500/-, because there is really no one cool cat.

Terms of Contest: This contest is open to Indian residents only. Any entry found to be fake or not in line with contest theme will be rejected.In case of multiple winners the prize money will be equally distributed - so make sure you get as many friends as possible to like your entry! All decisions of the Gingertail team would be final and binding. Please note that though FB like is used as a voting mechanism for the contest - this contest is in no way connected to facebook and team Gingertail is wholly responsible for the administration of this contest.

This contest is closed
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