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Sleeping beauty photo contest

For pet parents there is nothing more peaceful than watching their babies sleep - they are ones who really sleep without any care in the world and their every sleeping moment is a picture worth a million bucks. Well - we can't promise you a million bucks but yes there is a Rs. 1000/- voucher up for grabs. Just send in a picture of your sleeping beauty as part of this contest and may be you can win that voucher!

To enter this contest follow these 3 simple steps -

  1. Upload a cute picture of your sleeping pet
  2. Share something about your pet
  3. Wait for an approval email from us (we need to filter spam..:(..)
  4. Finally, get your friends to FB like it

 Winner: The entry with maximum FB likes on Gingertail will get a gift voucher worth Rs. 1000/- for their lovely pooch!

(Terms of Contest: This contest is open to Indian residents only. Any entry found to be fake or not in line with contest theme will be rejected.In case of multiple winners the prize money will be equally distributed - so make sure you get as many friends as possible to like your entry! All decisions of the Gingertail team would be final and binding)

This contest is closed
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