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Gingertail is a recently launched online community for pet parents. We feel strongly about the cause of strays and want to use our platform to evangelize strays' adoption. Therefore in line with this mission of ours, we are launching our very first photo contest celebrating the joy an adopted pet brings into our lives. These pets give us a lot more by being a part of our lives than what we can possibly provide them by taking them in - something which any parent of an adopted pet can vouch for. So if you are one of those lucky parent - do enter this contest.

To enter this contest follow these 3 simple steps -

  1. Upload a recent picture of your adopted pet which will make people go 'awww....' or 'woww..' or 'awesomeeee..'
  2. Share something about your pet - how you found him/her, something about his/her personality - gentle? mischevious? oozing with love? and of course, do tell us what he/she has come to mean to you (in not more than 250-300 words)
  3. Finally, share the link of your entry with as many of your friends as possible and ask them to like it

Winner: The entry with maximum votes on Gingertail will get a gift voucher worth Rs. 1000/- for their lovely pooch

Let's hope that our stories will inspire many more to adopt these beautiful animals!

(Terms of Contest: This contest is open to Indian residents only. Only entries of adopted stray or abandoned cats or dogs wiil be accepted as part of this contest. Any entry found to be fake or not in line with contest theme will be rejected. All decisions of the Gingertail team would be final and binding)

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