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Here’s a neat DIY Good Deed of the Day Idea

Posted on November 12, 2015: Diwali isn’t just about sweets and firecrackers. The festive season is also about caring for those less privileged and sharing some joy and good fortune with them.

Unfortunately, it is being reported that the number of pets turning up abandoned on the streets of Indian towns and cities is staggering. Sadly, more and more cats and dogs are ending up on the streets with no way to fend for it yourself kittens

This is as good a time as any then to lend these ill-fated furries some much-needed TLC.

Social media Samaritan

We found these easy to do, no fuss animal feeder ideas on Facebook. Animal lover Magdalena V Bocić shared these Do It Yourself ideas for making feeders for stray cats and dogs, do it yourself feederout of empty plastic bottles.

You can use plastic water bottles of any size – 500 ml, 1.5l or 2l, depending on how much food you want to leave out and what you have available to you.

Cut them out like instructed in the photo and fill them up with dry dog or cat food. Place them at street corners or against the wall in alleyways where you’ve seen stray cats and dogs frequently. Make sure they are out of the way of people and cars, but easily accessible by the animals.

These are easy to do and only really require discard plastic bottles and a sharp knife or cutter.

Share photographs of your DIY stray feeder with us! And any DIY ideas you might have too!

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