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Video Games for Pets: Has your cat found a new love?

Posted on November 5, 2015: New age technology keeps everyone busy with their fingers, and eyes glued to their smartphones or play stations/tablets. How you wish you could replace the times where your cat wiggles around and waits for you to throw a fur ball, a favourite toy, or her favourite t-shirt to wrap and roll on the floor. You'd gladly fulfil her demands because you want to finish your pending work, but what if you are not around and she still wants to play? What if you are too busy to even hear her purr? Imagine having video games for pets. We bring you chosen few video games that your furry friend might just fall in love with!

1. Game for Cats, available for free on iPad

video games

2. Paint for Cats,  available for $2 on iPad

3. Cat Fishing,  available for free on Android

video games
4. Crazy Cat,  available for free on Android

5. Pocket Pond,  available for free on iPad, Android and iPhone

video games
6. Catch the Mouse,  available for $1 on iPad and iPhone

7. Cat Playground,  available for $2.55 on Android

video games for cats
8. Laser Chase,  available for free on Android

video games for cats

Considering the fame our feline friends are enjoying in the digital space, they might love to be glued to iPad and laptop screens just like you do! Let your favourite kitty try out these games while you, watch out for the claws on the touch screen.

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