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New age celebrities adopt strays - evangelize stray adoption

Posted on 16th Jan, 2015: Recently, popular TV host and comedian, Kapil Sharma who has become a household name, was felicitated along with his crew by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) for spreading the word on adopting strays. Kapil who himself has adopted Zanjeer, an abandoned police dog from a shelter has been imploring people to adopt street strays. In fact, his crew also hold this cause dearly and had saved four puppies at a fire on the sets last year. Their shared love for dogs led PETA representatives to make an appearance on the highly watched show to appreciate the efforts of the team and Kapil himself.

And Kapil Sharma is not the only one. About a year ago, then Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni adopted a stray dog. The trend has caught on since. He not only fathered one but also urged the people of Ranchi to do the same. Thanks to him there was a rush for street canines. The city had roughly 40,000 dogs and registered 75 to 125 dog-bite cases every day.

Helping Organization for People Environment and Animal Trust (HOPE and Animal Trust), an NGO engaged by the Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) for pet dog registration and stray dog control and management in the city, said this new trend could improve things.

Bollywood hunks, Imran Khan and Sohail Khan, too adopted stray dogs and soon turned into role models for others. Soon to follow suit was, Tushaar Kapoor who adopted a few of them and made sure they were fed well. And the pampering just didn’t end there. Sister Ekta and father Jeetendra too love them dearly, he adds.

Some like Anju Manhendru and Anushka Manchanda have associated themselves with NGO’s that work with stray dogs. They spend quality time in looking after strays and also helping their adoption amongst their friendly circles.

Imran and his love for strays is apparent in his house where he has built a special enclosure for his pet friends. He not only takes his pet parenting role voraciously with 5 cats and a stray dog but also fights for their communities when needed.

He stood defensively to rescue the dogs he was shooting with for the film, “Gori tere pyaar mein”. When the trainer spanked the dogs, Imran defended them and made sure the dogs were well cared for. He will soon be taking his love for animals to yet another level with his upcoming shelter for animals in the outskirts of Mumbai. Imran has purchased a few acres of land on outskirts of Mumbai and plans to open an animal shelter there to take care of stray dogs properly till someone decides to adopt them. The shelter will also have specialized vets in charge. Joining him in this cause is his wife Avantika and mother Nuzhat.

A self-proclaimed dog lover, Arshad is thankful that Daisey, a stray dog he picked near his house in Panchgani has become an integral part of his family.

In addition to adopting strays, a number of celebrities have come forward contributing their time to this cause. For instance, a NGO working for stray adoption World for All (WFA) had roped in many new age Bollywood celebrities – Kalki Koechlin, Vivek Oberoi, Mandira Bedi, Soha Ali Khan, John Abraham – to name a few, for their WhyAStray calendar shoot as part of their fund raising effort.

The celebs and their growing love for stray dogs has brought the much needed attention to these kind souls and we at Gingertail hope that this will inspire their fans to also take up this cause – for our strays can use all the help possible! 

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