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SimbaThe seeds for Gingertail were sowed almost 3 years ago when we found Simba – then a stray kitten and now the love of our life, in almost dead condition in our building’s car parking. The next 3 months were an ordeal where we first got him treated for multiple health complications and then tried finding someone who would be willing to adopt him (as a working couple we just did not have the bandwidth to have a pet!). And while Simba recovered and we could not find anyone to adopt him, he slowly made his way into our lives and heart. Living with Simba not only brought a lot of joy in our lives, it also taught us the meaning of unconditional love and made us more compassionate to the woes of strays and other animals. While raising Simba we realized that there exists a huge information gap when it comes to pets (for instance, can I leave Simba home alone? Is there a good kitty hostel in town? Best food for him? Best vets in town? etc.) which is only being addressed partially through an informal network of pet parents and hence, is restricted to people one may know. This realization led to what has emerged as Gingertail today.

Gingertail is a celebration of pet parenthood with a strong sense of social responsibility towards the cause of strays and animal rights. It is an attempt to create an online community for pet parents (and pet lovers) where they can –

  • Access high quality content on pets – be it news, information or simply rib tickling funny pics and videos
  • Give and get advice, support or help on pet parenting
  • Discover products and services which are best for their pets based on recommendations from other parents
  • Get an opportunity to contribute to the cause of strays and animal rights
  • And, most importantly, share with each other the joy of pet parenting

We are just starting out now and have a long way to go before we are able to fully achieve all our goals. We hope that you will like what we have put together and be a part of this journey!





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